Friday, February 5, 2016

Iknow LLC, a knowledge management consultancy, and Neota Logic, a software product company, completed their formal partnership today to create world-class rules-based solutions for their clients. Neota Logic’s software platform is used to create custom applications that involve rules-based functionality, complex reasoning and decision making, and process workflow and document automation.

According to Rosann G. Colman, Neota Logic’s Regional Vice President of Sales, “In contrast to other commercial business rules systems, our platform does not require the construction of explicit rule flows to determine the sequence in which rules are executed. This unique capability of Neota Logic enables rapid creation and easy maintenance of very sophisticated, subtle, and complex applications that replicate the thinking of the best experts in a domain.”

“Neota Logic has had some terrific early successes in the legal and compliance domains. We believe that this technology can be effectively applied in a variety of other industries,” says Iknow CEO and President, Dr. Bernard Palowitch, Jr.

Several component make up the Neota Logic platform. The Studio component is the visual, rapid application development (RAD) tool. Applications that are created with Neota Logic are executed by the Reasoning Engine component, which contains multiple integrated reasoning methods.

Neota Logic applications can integrate with almost any data source or system, including relational databases; non-relational data sources such as Salesforce and SharePoint; document and content management systems such as Alfresco, SharePoint, and Worksite; any application or system that has a REST web services API, such as Google Maps; and business process management systems such as Activiti, K2, Nintex, and SharePoint. Neota Logic applications can also call on external reasoning engines such as AlchemyAPI for natural language processing, Wolfram Mathematica for complex mathematical analyses, and custom applications of any kind.

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