Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Iknow LLC, a worldwide leader in knowledge management consulting, is proud to have been chosen as the exclusive sponsor of the APQC’s 2016 Knowledge Management Conference in Houston, Texas. The conference brings together leading KM practitioners to share lessons learned and discuss how new ideas and technology are transforming the field.

This year’s conference will highlight:

  • Breakthroughs in cognitive science and computing, exploring how an understanding of the brain can help you motivate employees to share knowledge and adopt collaborative behaviors.
  • How software that mimics human pattern recognition and language processing will change how we leverage existing information to learn and make decisions.
  • APQC’s analysis of KM capability assessments in more than 200 organizations to reveal steps you can take to accelerate the development of a mature, impactful program.

For information on the conference, visit www.apqc.org/kmconf16.

Dr. Bernard L. Palowitch, Jr., Iknow’s President and CEO, noted that “Iknow is honored to have been selected as the sole sponsor of the APQC 2016 Knowledge Management Conference. I personally have been using APQC’s benchmarking and best practices services since 1993. APQC’s extensive history in the knowledge management domain has earned it a leading role in providing knowledge-related best practices, lessons learned, and advisory services. With Iknow’s business consulting, technology consulting, and systems integration services, the two organizations can satisfy the knowledge management requirements in most commercial, government, nonprofits, and nongovernmental organizations. Sponsorship of the KM conference demonstrates our commitment to supporting the exchange of KM leading practices.”

APQC CEO and Board Chair, Carla O’Dell stated, “APQC is pleased to have Iknow join us as the exclusive sponsor for our 21st Annual Knowledge Management Conference. As one of the pioneers of knowledge management and after 21 years in the business, we are delighted to find partners with expertise that complements our own and will help drive the practice of KM forward.”

About APQC

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