Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Iknow Engagement Director Scott Leeb has been invited to deliver a public lecture at the University of Johannesburg on March 8, 2017. The title of the lecture will be “Transforming Big Data to Big Knowledge: Moving Your Organization Towards Data-Driven Outcomes.” Mr. Leeb will explore the question of how do we extract “big knowledge” from “big data” and avoid the pitfalls that have confounded many organizations. Mr. Leeb will use case studies from both the commercial and government sectors, and call on his experience in leading the business intelligence/knowledge management functions at five leading international organizations to address this important topic.

Mr. Leeb said, “I am delighted to have been invited by the Department of Information and Knowledge Management at UJ to talk about this critical problem. I am greatly honored that UJ has provided me with this high-profile forum and I look forward to addressing my colleagues in South Africa.”

Mr. Leeb is an Engagement Director with Iknow LLC, a leading management and technology consulting firm that focuses on the knowledge management space. In this capacity, Leeb develops knowledge management solutions for federal, state, and corporate customers by concentrating on strategy definition and governance, knowledge capture and content management, business process design, systems integration, and change management. Prior to this, Mr. Leeb had more than 15 years’ experience creating, managing, and growing the global business intelligence and knowledge management programs at Prudential Retirement, The McGraw-Hill Companies, KPMG, Ingram Micro, and a leading international philanthropy, The Rockefeller Foundation. He is currently on the faculty at the University of Johannesburg and is a former Chairman of the Board of SCIP (Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).