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Software Product Company
Darmstadt, Germany

A longtime player in the traditional BPM space, with its webMethods BPMS, Software AG offers strong support for dynamic case management, integrated RPA, extensive document support, and process modeling. With the addition and integration of webMethods AgileApps for low-code, rapid development, Software AG now has a portfolio that can help an organization go wide in DPA deployments.

With last year’s acquisition of Zementis, Software AG can now extend its already significant analytics capabilities with a true AI framework. It has also invested heavily and found market traction with its support for IoT-driven processes.

Customers have expressed a great deal of interest in the latest release, which we evaluated for this Forrester Wave, but they have also expressed some hesitation about upgrading until it is fully proven in the market.

Product Overview

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) provides comprehensive tools for creating and refining business processes, including capabilities for:

  • Process execution that let you run perfectly orchestrated processes in a transparent, efficient and adaptive process landscape
  • A business console that enables you to manage processes and tasks through a Web- and tablet-friendly responsive interface
  • Rules management that allow you to define and change rules as you go without any development work
  • Closed-loop analytics that offer dashboards and visualizations for process and stage intrinsics to define KPIs and take immediate actions based on alerts from process milestones
  • Content integration and management that enable you to re-use unstructured content such as documents and forms when creating business applications
  • Task and team management that improve how users interact with processes through enhanced task management and collaboration capabilities

BPM Suite also integrates seamlessly with the ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform, enabling you to use business activity monitoring and business process modeling to create and refine processes.