Governance, Roles, and Organization Design

What We Do

Governance deals with the “how” questions of knowledge management: How should KM be organized, monitored, and managed for successful outcomes? To address these issues, Iknow works with clients to define and build the structures, roles, and governance processes required to fully enable effective knowledge management in their organizations. This could include leadership positions, KM steering/advisory groups, and business-unit knowledge management roles. Our governance and roles recommendations are closely aligned with our recommendations for KM-related business processes and policies for ongoing management of KM operations.

Our approach often blends an analysis of the organization’s objectives and current KM effectiveness with lessons and themes from external benchmarking. We customize our recommendations to each client’s size and resource levels, existing technical infrastructure, and culture.

Depending on the stage of current KM development, our recommended KM roles may be divided into those required for initial KM setup, and those needed for ongoing knowledge capture, content management, and governance roles. In addition to these day-to-day responsibilities, we devote special attention to senior-level leadership, governance, and the wider organizational support mechanisms essential for long-term success with knowledge management.


Iknow’s deliverables typically include an organizational strategy, role descriptions for both permanent and advisory/committee positions, staffing and training plans, as well as draft communications for describing the new roles to the rest of the organization.

Iknow also offers assistance for implementing governance, roles, and organizational design recommendations.

Business Value

Success with knowledge management depends critically on both leadership and effective support resources. A well-designed combination of dedicated management roles with networks of part-time advisors and facilitators can ensure efficient use of resources to meet KM objectives, while enhancing broader organizational involvement and buy-in.

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