Ongoing Maintenance and Support

What We Do

A critical element of any technology implementation is ongoing maintenance and support. This includes training of end users and system administrators, staffing of tiered support levels, the setup of user-feedback programs, and the rollout of relevant content, communications, and messaging. The initial 30 days following the KM system launch are the most critical for ensuring that the maintenance and support programs are in place and functional. Close coordination between the business, IT, HR, and KM functions is critical.

Iknow has extensive experience in structuring and leading KM rollout, maintenance, and support programs across dozens of global enterprises. We have developed integrated programs that ensure close alignment between the business and IT. We have built robust business processes to ensure that end-user feedback is collected and used to prioritize system enhancements and upgrades.

Iknow integrates technical maintenance and support activities into broader organizational change management programs, which help to ensure that the new system is culturally embedded in the work processes and practices.


Iknow’s deliverables can include ongoing system maintenance, a system support strategy and plan, training plans, user-feedback programs, and a platform enhancement plan.

Business Value

Ongoing maintenance and support processes are essential for ensuring end-user adoption.

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