Iknow LLC is a leading management and technology consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations to harness and unlock the value of their enterprise knowledge.

Iknow’s solutions, which integrate strategy, content, business process, technology, and culture dimensions, help our clients deliver the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, enabling them to improve performance and achieve their mission. We create value for our clients by:

  • Capturing, saving, and reusing knowledge,
  • Accelerating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and knowledge-based innovation,
  • Extracting insights from data and improving the speed and quality of decision making, and
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of teams and business processes.

Iknow’s consultants are unique problem solvers who blend strategy, technology, and industry expertise with a passion for knowledge management. Our team of senior consultants includes several former heads of knowledge management from leading global enterprises. This expertise allows us to quickly gain the confidence of our clients and become a trusted advisor.

Here's what a few clients and partners say about Iknow:

I knew Iknow was a cut-above from my first interaction with them during the proposal process, when their responsiveness and attention to detail stood out from the rest. When we hired them, I found this to be even more the case. Their project delivery skills are very strong. In addition, the fact that they are not a huge firm with large overheads means good value.

Robert MacTavish

We deal with many other consultants that do not give the senior level personal attention and quality that Iknow does. In addition to solid competency, their energy and passion really set them apart.

Ray Fitzgerald
Director, Division of Social Services (DSS), State of Delaware

Iknow stands out in my mind for the personalized relationships it establishes. Iknow’s senior leadership is involved in projects from the first day and remains involved every day. Their consultants are expert at what they do and were extremely motivated in helping us achieve our goals. As someone who routinely hired consultants in the federal government, I wouldn’t say this about many other contractors.

David Christenson
U.S. Department of the Interior (retired)

From ‘day one’, Iknow was training us, not the other way around like most firms. Even in our planning stages, Iknow was tremendously helpful. I believe their understanding of text processing to be the best in the marketplace. Unless you have been in the trenches like Iknow has, you will never be able to grasp this.

Bernard J. McKenna
IT Director, Dow Jones (retired)

Unlike other IT consultancy firms, Iknow brings the best of all worlds: deep business management consulting and technical implementation. They impress me as a team of seasoned KM professionals who have spent years in their fields and don’t have to acquire experience at the expense of their clients. I sincerely enjoy interacting with the entire Iknow team.

Robert Abecasis
Regional Vice President—Sales, ADAM Software


Iknow LLC was founded in 2001. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.