Mr. Norm Kashdan is a Senior Consultant and Specialist in knowledge capture and representation, taxonomies and ontologies, and software engineering at Iknow LLC. Over the last years, Mr. Kashdan has focused on the development of processes, methods, tools, and automation to support knowledge solutions in the healthcare and financial services sectors.

    Career Highlights

    Selected accomplishments include:

    • Designed and implemented systems to capture and disseminate expert knowledge.
    • Organized and trained technical staff to deliver complex healthcare analytics solutions.
    • Developed a service delivery framework & technical delivery process for delivering healthcare analytics solutions.
    • Developed methods & practices for operating a Project Management Office.
    • Designed processes to perform extraction, transformation, and loading of data from Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems into an analytical data warehouse.
    • Designed tools to automate the data acquisition from EHRs.
    • Designed and led the development of several generations of rule-based systems used to deliver health care solutions. These systems were specifically designed to allow the creation and maintenance of knowledge by subject matter experts. Among the applications of these systems:
      • Personal health assessment tools
      • Healthcare portal with alerts and notifications
      • Eligibility for benefit programs (based on complex eligibility rules)
      • Determination of protocols for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients
    • Designed and led the development of an adjudication language used to process benefit claims and provider network contracts.
    • Designed and led the development of tools to manage Sarbanes-Oxley process auditing.

    Mr. Kashdan earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in computer science from the City College of New York.


    Mr. Kashdan is a hospice volunteer for Nashoba Nursing Service & Hospice. He works with terminally ill patients.