We know you have a number of options for designing and implementing your content and knowledge management initiatives. Why should you choose Iknow?

With over 200 significant assignments across commercial, government, and nonprofit sectors, Iknow is known for helping its clients design and implement solutions that create sustainable, knowledge-based competitive advantage. We have a unique combination of strengths.

  • Deep knowledge management domain expertise. Iknow has a successful, 15-year track record in KM.
    • Iknow’s engagement directors and senior consultants have run leading KM organizations and have consulted with many Forbes Global 2,000 companies, governments, and major nonprofit organizations. Our consultants have KM strategy, analysis, planning, and implementation skills.
    • Our experience includes a wide variety of complex business issues across all business functions.
    • We have addressed all types of KM issues and challenges that range from strategy to execution.
  • Best-in-class KM methodologies and tools. Iknow quickly identifies high-value improvement opportunities by using proven, best-in-class approaches.
    • We have developed and refined an approach and set of diagnostic tools for each of our service offerings. The use of these tools allows us to efficiently define the baseline and identify high-value improvement opportunities.
    • We incorporate deep industry and functional domain expertise into our approaches.
    • We use fact-based, analytic problem-solving approaches.
    • We develop detailed, specific recommendations.
    • We apply the “knowledge of the firm” to every client project. Our internal knowledge management system and real-time collaboration leverage the know-how from our entire consulting staff.
  • End-to-end, best-fit KM solutions. Iknow designs and implements custom solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements.
    • Iknow’s solutions are comprehensive, and usually involve strategy, content, process, technology, and organizational change elements.
    • Iknow has an extensive partner ecosystem that includes many of the top software product companies and information providers in the KM domain. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each product and know how to assemble multiple products together into the best solution for our clients.
  • Personal approach. Iknow is recognized for its commitment to get the job done right! Clients trust us to handle their difficult knowledge challenges because:
    • Every project is staffed with senior-level consultants who understand the myriad of potential organizational challenges.
    • We incorporate collaborative solution delivery on every project. We carefully consider our clients’ needs and work together on developing the optimal solution.
    • We adopt the business problem as if it was our own.

Because of these strengths and the breadth of our experience, we believe that Iknow is your optimal choice for knowledge management services and solutions.