What We Do

Iknow consultants have years of collective experience working with executives and managers to develop customized KM strategies, KM mission and vision statements, and implementation roadmaps for client organizations. We help clients ensure that their KM strategy is consistent with other business priorities and will help the whole organization pursue its goals.

KM Strategy includes a clear vision of how improved knowledge management will drive business success in areas such as innovation, customer service, internal capability building, and workforce enablement. In each area, we work with clients to define metrics that can be used to measure success and track alignment between their KM initiatives and overall business strategy.

The strategy is usually developed through a combination of external benchmarking and internal management interviews or workshops, often building on an earlier Current-State Assessment. We frequently conduct a gap analysis to highlight potential challenges in executing the proposed KM strategy and options for overcoming them.

Once the strategy has been developed and agreed to at senior management levels, Iknow usually develops an implementation roadmap. This includes all of the projects and other actions needed to execute the KM strategy in areas such as business process development, governance set-up, recruiting, training, and technology. We help estimate timelines and identify key dependencies, together with the required investments and other resource requirements, and provide a solid framework for prioritizing different implementation initiatives and developing detailed project plans.


Iknow’s primary deliverable is a KM Strategy document that summarizes the key business goals of knowledge management, the key organizational and process challenges to be overcome, and how success will be measured. The final document is often preceded by interactive workshops to discuss interim hypotheses and conclusions. 

A separate KM Roadmap document, also prepared following interim review sessions, describes each implementation initiative, together with its rationale, relative importance, timeline, and costs. The document includes a prioritization framework and options for sequencing the overall implementation effort.

Iknow also offers assistance for implementing the KM Roadmap.

Business Value

The KM Strategy and Roadmap documents are critical in ensuring that knowledge management initiatives have clear and meaningful goals, align with other business priorities, and include the appropriate actions to drive rapid progress and guarantee effective execution.

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