What We Do

Findability is the art and science of making information easily retrievable within content management systems, digital asset management systems, databases, and on complex websites and portals. The objective of findability is to deliver the right content to users when they need it with the least amount of effort and frustration.

Iknow installs and configures enterprise search products and search-related applications. We ensure that enterprise search systems are optimally configured to allow fast and efficient access to enterprise content. We also install connectors to other databases and systems so that this information can be indexed by the search engine and displayed in the search results.

When done in conjunction with Iknow’s Taxonomy and Metadata Development services, the search system will include filters, facets, browse, and other types of advanced search functionality.


Iknow delivers configured and optimized enterprise search systems. These systems typically include carefully configured user interfaces that provide an optimal user experience.

Business Value

Improvements in findability and search allow users to efficiently and intuitively find the exact content they want when they need it. Better search increases employee productivity, improves the quality of decision making, and reduces the frustration from a poorly designed and implemented search application.

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