What We Do

A thorough understanding of our client’s current-state environment is essential for ensuring a successful KM assignment. We typically begin our consulting engagements with a Current-State Assessment that captures and documents a current-state baseline. The scope of this initial assignment can be narrow or broad, and depends on the size and complexity of the client’s business issues and the desired future-state vision.

Iknow’s Current-State Assessment is usually organized around addressing a handful of critical business issues. During the assessment, these business issues are carefully investigated and documented. Other relevant issues, such as an insufficient technology infrastructure, lack of budget to fund KM-related projects, broken cultural and political practices, or other factors that could impede the successful implementation of a solution, are also captured. In addition, the project establishes a fixed baseline, or reference point, that can be used for later comparisons and the calculation of KM return on investment (ROI).

Iknow’s Current-State Assessments follow a comprehensive diagnostic framework, which Iknow has developed and enhanced from the experience of multiple-client projects. The framework consists of eight areas of focus, organized into Strategy, Architecture, and People levels. The eight focus areas cover the core elements of most knowledge management projects, programs, and solutions.


Iknow’s deliverables typically include a detailed Current-State Assessment final report, which includes detailed assessments for each of the eight focus areas. The report addresses the client’s central business issues.

Business Value

Iknow’s Current State-Assessment defines the “size of the prize” by identifying and defining the opportunities as well as highlighting where the current KM programs and tools fall short. The assessment categorizes the specific issues and opportunities into the eight focus areas of Iknow’s diagnostic framework. In addition, the Current-State Assessment provides the foundation that supports the implementation activities in the KM Roadmap.

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