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A common challenge in most knowledge management initiatives is the migration of digital content from legacy repositories into a newly launched, enterprise content management (ECM) or digital asset management (DAM) system. Because of the large numbers of assets in legacy repositories and databases, this activity can often be one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of a KM system implementation.

Content migrations are often complex because of the large quantity of assets, assets that are consolidated from a number of disparate legacy systems, the need for conversions to different file formats, removal of duplicates and out-of-date content (also called content cleansing), and tagging each asset with the correct metadata. The latter, also called content enrichment, is the most challenging.

Gone are the days when content migration was simply “lift and shift.” Today, content migrations almost always involve sophisticated content enrichment, which often include administrative and descriptive metadata, various classifications based on taxonomies, security designations, access restrictions, and summarizations.

Note that content enrichment can also be done on content that will stay in an existing repository.

Iknow helps organizations plan and execute content migration and content enrichment processes. Iknow uses a variety of approaches to doing this, ranging from manual migration to the use of automated migration tools. Through Iknow’s partner network, Iknow is able to match the best set of migration tools to meet the organization’s specific content migration requirements.


Iknow’s deliverables from Content Migration and Enrichment projects typically include:

  • A content migration plan, including recommended tools used to execute the migration.
  • A content enrichment plan.
  • Implementation assistance for performing content migration and content enrichment tasks.
Business Value

Content cleansing, consolidation, and migration help organizations better manage their content and lower storage and related software costs. Content enrichment, when combined with enhancements to enterprise search software, greatly improves the findability of digital assets.

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