Development of Two Web Applications
Upgrading Capabilities for Child Protection Case Management and Incident Monitoring
Business Issue

A major intergovernmental organization, whose mission is to provide long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers, and its major implementing partners wanted to make significant extensions and improvements to their existing software applications in two key areas: case management for child protection and incident monitoring for serious violations against children in conflict zones. In addition, the organization wished to update the incident monitoring system for gender-based violence (GBV) and to integrate this with the new case management application.

The project requirements also included data migration to the new applications, user training, and three phases of field testing.

The organization selected Iknow to make these major system improvements.


Iknow followed an agile software development approach, consisting of the following main phases:

  • Requirements gathering, including detailed interviews with more than 50 internal staff and the staff of its implementing partners, and compilation of initial user stories
  • High-level solution design including data architecture, key interfaces, security, integration with existing IT infrastructure, and cloud-hosting strategy
  • Development of new functionality based on the user stories including weekly build and testing cycles
  • Data migration procedure development and testing
  • User training development and rollout
  • Three phases of field testing, including software fixes, as required.

The key deliverables were the two new web applications:

  • An upgraded case management system for child protection, including case management and monitoring for gender-based violence.
  • A new system for monitoring and reporting violations against children in conflict or other emergency situations.

Some of the additional deliverables included data migration from the old systems to the new, field testing, a training plan, and rollout to users.


The new web applications achieved the desired enhancements and were delivered on time and on budget.

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