Operational Support for KM Program Rollout

What We Do

When our clients do not have the required personnel, Iknow can provide temporary staffing to perform KM-related roles. Many of Iknow’s senior consultants have led internal knowledge management functions, and bring a wealth of experience in carrying out the day-to-day tasks of supporting KM processes. Recent examples of where Iknow has supported KM initiatives include migrating content from older document repositories to new enterprise content management (ECM) systems, implementing the technology tools and support processes to enable team collaboration and social networking applications, developing intranet sites and populating them with content, creating internal expertise directories, and designing the data collection processes and reporting formats for new KM groups.

Iknow can work with Human Resources departments on organization design, role descriptions, performance management, hiring, and training programs to support KM. Iknow can also work with Finance to develop the KM business cases for future investments and with the senior leadership team on the rewards and recognition programs and communications strategies.


Iknow’s deliverables for operational support are closely tied to each client’s specific requirements. As described above, they could include assistance in almost any area of KM program design, development, and implementation.

Business Value

Iknow’s operational support services are valuable because our clients can obtain immediate staffing for important KM roles. Iknow’s personnel resources are highly qualified and have extensive practical experience. Temporary staffing sustains the momentum created during initial KM projects while permanent staff are being recruited and/or trained.

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