Rewards and Recognition Programs

What We Do

Highly visible rewards and recognition programs are a great way to reinforce the organization’s commitment to knowledge management initiatives. Appropriate choices for these programs vary significantly based on each organization’s culture and previous experiences, so we are careful to develop programs that are highly customized for each client’s unique situation.

There are numerous choices and combinations of rewards and recognition programs. Examples of some we often implement are individual, team, and department-level recognition programs; direct monetary and nonmonetary rewards; broad communications and publicity activities; and the integration of KM performance metrics into the organization’s overall performance management system.

Rewards and recognition programs are closely linked to KM performance management.


Iknow works with clients to develop customized rewards and recognition programs. Our deliverables typically include all aspects of rewards and recognition program design, development, and implementation.

Business Value

Effective rewards and recognition programs can be a key element in both launching and institutionalizing a knowledge-management initiative. Rewards and recognition programs are important in the early phases when the primary goal is to gain traction, as well as help maintain momentum in more established KM initiatives. Well-designed rewards and recognition programs encourage end-user knowledge contributions, system usage, and collaboration; promote awareness of KM to nonusers; and demonstrate KM involvement to senior management—all critical factors for building a sustainable knowledge culture.

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