Software Product Installation, Configuration, and Customization

What We Do

Once the purchase order for software products has been approved by Finance, IT, and Procurement, many KM project sponsors and team members breathe a sigh of relief. Most incorrectly assume that getting the software up and running will be a simple process—maybe even as simple as downloading an app on their smartphone.

What most non-IT staff don’t see or appreciate is the tremendous amount of work needed to correctly install, configure, and customize a new software product into their existing computing environment. If the software is not implemented correctly, it can introduce chaos to a complicated project plan, use up budgets for rework, and cause animosity between the project team, end users, and IT. If installation and configuration problems persist into testing or go undetected into production rollout, then poor-performing applications can jeopardize the project’s expected return on investment and create long-term harm to the reputations of all parties involved.

Iknow has in-depth experience installing and configuring most types of knowledge management software products, both on-premises and cloud-hosted. Iknow’s Software Product Installation, Configuration, and Customization service includes:

  • Securing all required licenses
  • Confirming the overall technical infrastructure
  • Preparing a detailed software installation plan
  • Preparing the target hardware and middleware for the installation of the new product
  • Preparing a communication plan to inform technical and end users, as required
  • Installing the new product and the latest patches and updates, as recommended by the vendor
  • Installing the latest drivers for any hardware devices, as required
  • Conducting a thorough scan with leading antivirus software and tools after each major installation step
  • Installation testing
  • Configuring the new software, as specified in the technical requirements document or scope of work
  • Configuration testing
  • Performing unique customizations and integrations, as specified in the technical requirements document or scope of work.

Iknow’s deliverables include a detailed installation plan and fully implemented and configured software products. The products are completely installed, configured, customized, and tested.

Business Value

Well-planned and executed software product installation, configuration, customization, and testing leads to overall project success and satisfied end users, thus helping to achieve the project’s goals and the desired financial returns.

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