Data visualization is the use of computer-based interactive visual representations of large, abstract data sets to help interpret and draw useful insights from the information. Data visualization goes well beyond producing simple charts and graphs; commercial visualization software constructs interactive graphical representations and provides a variety of analysis tools. The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means. Chemical structure analysis, financial analysis, social network analysis, and representing three dimensional geographic information systems (GIS) data are just a few visualization applications. Visualization software can be also used for handling large data sets that wouldn’t be well handled by other simpler data programs.

Business Value

Business value from visualization is achieved from more rapid interpretation of large data sets. The best implementations of visualization stimulate viewer engagement and attention. There are a number of different types of visualizations, including thematic cartography and statistical graphing. Thematic cartography was used at first for only mapmaking but continues to be used when location can be a determining factor in information, and can be used in heat mapping to see where the most important information is found. Statistical graphics include plots, pie charts, and are constantly innovated; the value comes from the testing of assumptions, model selection and regression model validation, estimator selection, relationship identification, factor effect determination, and outlier detection.

Iknow has deep expertise in all aspects of data visualization projects from initial requirements gathering, to designing outputs, to training on use of software, to system deployment and customization. Iknow has used data visualization in a number of different fields, including agile software development and marketing research. Iknow has experience in all sizes of data visualization projects, from dealing with the problems of big data, to designing maps of expertise networks.

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Splunk Splunk Enterprise Commercial