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Records Management and Archiving

Records management is the field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records. A record is the information produced or received in the initiation, conduct or completion of an institutional or individual activity and that comprises content, context and structure sufficient to provide evidence of the activity.

Business Value

Business value from records management stems primarily from compliance and data privacy. Records management is receiving increased interest among corporations due to new compliance regulations and statutes. While government, legal, and healthcare entities have had a strong historical records management discipline, general business record-keeping has been poorly standardized and implemented. In addition, corporate scandals have renewed interest in corporate records compliance, retention period requirements, litigation preparedness, and related issues. Lastly, one significant internal issue is raising the visibility of records management within corporations. Records management is often seen as an unnecessary or low priority administrative task that can be performed at the lowest levels within an organization. Education and change management activities are needed to raise awareness and change corporate culture with respect to the importance of records management.

Iknow has deep expertise in all aspects of records management from initial requirements gathering, to designing the processes involved in each of the steps in preservation, to system customization and deployment. Iknow has experience in small and large projects, including building records management into customer communications management systems to improve sales and ROI.

Product Landscape

The records management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

Electronic Data Capture and Imaging

Electronic data capture and imaging is the use of image capture software to scan and convert paper documents into electronic documents for more efficient and cost effective storage, distribution, and use. Traditionally, scanning has been a centralized, back-office operation, i.e., all documents were typically captured at one location.

Business Value

Business value for enterprise capture comes from ease of access to important documents, and the creation of a data warehouse when combined with OCR, ICR, or IDR software. Iknow has experience creating processes for both capture and sharing. We understand the use of metadata to improve findability and design the taxonomy for once it is placed within a content management system. The value comes from the decrease in cost when any office can scan, share, and print information from any other office. Enterprise capture can also be utilized by government agencies to comply with regulations limiting the use of paper copies. Further uses for enterprise capture can come when combined with digital asset management.

Iknow also brings value to the enterprise capture and imaging process through the capture, by bringing the business and programming knowledge to design training sets and marked images to allow OCR, ICR, and IDR to read the document. Our consultants’ experience as business leaders makes us uniquely suited to understand and organizations needs when building an enterprise capture system.

Taxonomy, Classification, and Metadata Management

The creation of taxonomies, and the organization of metadata involve some of the most important and challenging aspects of knowledge management. Both of these deal with one of the major problems at the heart of information sciences, classification. Classification is the logical arranging of information for the purpose of finding it quickly when it is needed. The structure of this arrangement is usually represented as a taxonomy and the information associated with the items are metadata.

Business Value

Business value from classification projects is achieved from providing access to and allowing the reuse of existing knowledge assets. The ability to find, share, and reuse these knowledge assets quickly adds value by shortening critical process cycle times and reducing costs. These enhancements can yield faster, better and more cost effective business decision making. On consumer facing projects, taxonomies and metadata can enhance virtual storefronts by improving search functionality. For internet databases, a strong taxonomy and metadata platform is necessary to allow users to easily find the information that they want, thus creating a reason for a user to return.

Iknow has deep expertise managing all parts of a taxonomy and metadata project, from the initial requirements gathering, to collecting information for the controlled vocabulary, to adhering to metadata standards such as Dublin Core. Classification is important in almost any knowledge management project, but is central to projects that include enterprise search, enterprise content management, business intelligence, and digital asset management. Iknow has completed a number of projects in taxonomy of different size and scale, including developing a taxonomy and metadata system for a government website to enhance search functionality.

Product Landscape

The taxonomy, classification, and metadata management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise search is the practice of making content from one or more enterprise-type sources, such as databases and intranets, searchable from within the organization. Enterprise search systems index data and documents from a variety of sources, such as content management systems, electronic file systems, and document management systems. Enterprise search systems can integrate structured and unstructured content in their collections, and display it with a taxonomy and other metadata to filter the search.

Business Value

Iknow helps organizations to realize the value of their content, with deep expertise in all aspects of enterprise search systems. These include initial requirements gathering, design of standards for metadata, creation of facets and taxonomies, clustering and summarizing, the addition of text analysis for entity extraction and the handling of unstructured data, system deployment and customization. Iknow has experience with all sizes of enterprise search projects, from designing portals for large companies to the understanding of small companies’ need for security and speed.

Enterprise search provides rapid access to information. Investments in enterprise search increase employee productivity, by reducing the time they spend looking for information, and increase the quality and speed of business decision making. Iknow understands how best to integrate the system with other enterprise software such as business intelligence programs, to gather and distribute data, and taxonomy and metadata management systems, to filter content. Well-built enterprise search systems improve the speed and accuracy for finding the right data and content.

Product Landscape

The enterprise search product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

Enterprise Content Management

Nearly all knowledge management projects involve Enterprise Content Management systems at some level—they represent a core platform for content creation, sharing, and administration. The importance comes from the fact that ECM is most often the best way to integrate all the various content sources within the company. Getting a handle on ECM first involves identifying all the processes within the enterprise where content is created, edited, stored, and distributed.

Business Value

Content management systems support key business processes and functions, such as helping market and sell products and services, supporting existing customers, supporting sales channels, and helping educate customers, employees, and business partners. Iknow’s experience as business leaders helps us to create the business cases that justify the overarching investments in content management. These investments lower content processing costs, shorten business process cycle times, create higher quality outputs, and increase collaboration and sharing. Iknow has the experience optimizing the process of capturing, storing, finding, and reusing an organization's intellectual assets and by automating the content formatting and publication process to multiple delivery channels, including print, web, cell phones, handheld tablets and wireless devices, and syndication (RSS).

Iknow has experience in all aspects of Enterprise Content Management systems from initial requirements gathering, to the design and implementation of the software. For each company, the use of content management will be different, whether it tends towards document management, records management, digital asset management, or, more likely, some combination. Iknow takes into account the balance of where and in what in form the company has the information.

Product Landscape

The enterprise content management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.


eDiscovery is mainly used to support civil litigation that involves the exchange of any type of electronic information. However, these tools can also be used as a knowledge management tool to mine the current documents within a content repository. eDiscovery tools mine through the content looking to match up information from either a taxonomy or set of training documents, to find similar kinds of information.

Business Value

Iknow can bring eDiscovery beyond the legal discipline, the traditional core users. These tools can reduce costs for legal firms by reducing the obvious cost of manually going over tons of electronic documents, but also in pharmaceutical firms, technology firms, and any other organization where there is a need to go over a large corpus of documents to look for specific terms or match documents.

eDiscovery can also reduce the costs of information governance within an organization, by helping to ensure that records are disposed on time and in adherence with regulations. As any organization gains a large enough corpus of content, it can be helpful to go back through and ensure that records were supposed to be disposed of were actually done. Iknow helps organizations on best practices for eDiscovery, using it to improve their usage of their own content and external content.

Document Management

Document Management systems involve a set of business processes and technologies for managing the “document lifecycle”, i.e., the creation, approval, use, retrieval, revision, archival and disposal of documents. This software organizes document production, accessibility and distribution, as well as tools for overseeing document workflow. Document Management differs from Enterprise Content Management as it focuses completely on the status of documents and collaborating to create new documents.

Business Value

The value of document management comes from building a connected system of documents that can be collaborated on and found easily. Iknow can manage all aspects of the document management system from initial requirements gathering, to creation of document templates, to design of production workflow, to system deployment. When installing new document management systems, Iknow brings experience in change management and business process redesign to ensure that the new system is not only implemented within the technology but also within the culture of the organization.

Iknow has experience in building the soft technologies that are necessary as a backbone to document management software, including large taxonomies and metadata. We ensure that the business process is redesigned to ensure that they can easily fit within the current daily work processes. We have completed projects handling document management systems of all sizes, allowing for real-time access to digital forms of paper-based documents, for access to documents 24/7 and across multiple locations.

Iknow has also built custom connectors between document management systems and enterprise search, enterprise content management, and digital asset management systems.

Product Landscape

The document management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) refers to the business processes, software, and the repository for capturing, storing, and retrieving any and all types of digital content. Digital asset management systems can store multiple types of digital assets along with a variety of related metadata, such as keywords, image thumbnails, and usage rights of the digital content, to facilitate searching and asset management. A digital asset management system usually uses a combination of access controls, based on the individual asset, the user’s permissions, or both.

Business Value

Iknow helps organizations design and implement DAM systems to help them manage their existing digital assets, facilitate the production of media pieces, help market or sell products or services, support existing customers, support sales channels, and help educate employees and business partners. The ability to find, share, and reuse them quickly, when needed, adds value by shortening critical process cycle times and reducing costs.

Iknow has deep expertise in managing all phases of digital asset management projects, from initial requirements gathering through system deployment. Iknow provides value for Digital Asset Management system by bringing our expertise in taxonomy development and metadata management to help implement best practices in the system implementation. We have worked on projects of various sizes and scopes—from cataloging a few hundred images with keywords for a workgroup to processing hundreds of thousands of images (along with related data and maintaining 24/7 access) for thousands of users.

Iknow builds DAM systems alongside other technologies, such as enterprise content management, enterprise search, web content management, and taxonomy development software. We design custom connectors for each of these systems, to help our clients to create value from each of them in concert. The end result is a system that supports the entire enterprise.

Product Landscape

The digital asset management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

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