Social Media Monitoring and Analysis


Social media monitoring is the systematic observation and analysis of social media contributions and dialogues in public discussion forums, blogs, micro-blogs and social networks. It provides its customers with a quick overview or insight into topics and opinions in the social web. In contrast to single social media analyses and/or those that are conducted at regular intervals, social media monitoring is carried out continuously. Social media monitoring involves text analysis, web searches, sentiment analysis and content management.

Business Value

The business value of social media monitoring is found in understanding consumer desire, and response to a certain product or an entire enterprise. There has been an explosion in the number of social media monitoring technologies, and the ability to get value from those comes from the ability to understand the outputs of the program. When social media monitoring is done well, the software allows companies to be more responsive to customer complaints, and solve their problems in a much shorter time period. Social media monitoring can be integrated into customer communications management to allow employees to trigger the creation of documents or surveys based on consumer response.

Iknow has deep expertise in all aspects of social media monitoring from initial requirements gathering, to design and development of dashboards, to system deployment and customization. Iknow's experience in sentiment analysis and data visualization enhances our projects in social media monitoring. Iknow has the ability to handle social media monitoring projects of any size, and has managed project that have dealt with thousands of comments and data points daily.

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