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OpenText Corporation develops and sells software products aimed at addressing information management requirements, including the management of large volumes of content, compliance with regulatory requirements, and mobile and online experience management. OpenText has grown primarily by acquisition. Some of the product families that are now part of OpenText include Actuate, Artesia, Captaris, Cordys, GXS, Hummingbird, Livelink, Reddot, and Vignette.

Iknow became an OpenText partner in 2009 when OpenText acquired Vignette Corporation.

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Product Overview

OpenText Big Data Analytics

OpenText Big Data Analytics is a high-performing big data and predictive solution for business analysts. Big Data Analytics is a feature of Analytics Suite that can access, blend, explore and analyze data quickly without depending on IT or data experts. Big Data Analytics combines an analytical columnar database that easily integrates disparate data sources, with built-in statistical techniques for profiling, mapping, clustering, forecasting, creating decision trees, classification and association rules, doing regressions, and correlations. Users can get a 360 degree view of their business, explore billions of records in seconds and apply advanced and predictive analytics techniques all in a drag-and-drop experience, with no complex data modeling or coding required.

OpenText Information Hub

The OpenText™ Information Hub (iHub) feature of Analytics Suite is a scalable analytics and data visualization platform that enables IT leaders and their teams to design, deploy, and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports, and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. iHub supports high volumes of users, and its integration APIs enable embedded analytic content in any app, displayed on any device.

OpenText Magellan

OpenText Magellan is a flexible, artificial intelligence-powered analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade business intelligence, and ability to acquire, merge, manage and analyze structured and unstructured big data and content stored in your enterprise information management (EIM) systems. Magellan enables machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization.

OpenText Decisiv

OpenText Decisiv is an enterprise search engine that goes beyond keywords to search multiple repositories at once to find key documents, view projects, and identify internal subject-matter experts. Decisiv provides unified concept search across the enterprise.

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery provides 360-degree visibility across all endpoints, devices, and networks to enable discreet, forensically-sound data collection for litigation and investigations. EnCase eDiscovery is the industry gold standard for data collection and preservation.