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Waterloo, Canada

OpenText Corporation develops and sells software products aimed at addressing information management requirements, including the management of large volumes of content, compliance with regulatory requirements, and mobile and online experience management. OpenText has grown primarily by acquisition. Some of the product families that are now part of OpenText include Actuate, Artesia, Captaris, Cordys, GXS, Hummingbird, Livelink, Reddot, and Vignette.

Iknow became an OpenText partner in 2009 when OpenText acquired Vignette Corporation.

Product Overview

OpenText Big Data Analytics

OpenText Big Data Analytics is a high-performing big data and predictive solution for business analysts. Big Data Analytics is a feature of Analytics Suite that can access, blend, explore and analyze data quickly without depending on IT or data experts. Big Data Analytics combines an analytical columnar database that easily integrates disparate data sources, with built-in statistical techniques for profiling, mapping, clustering, forecasting, creating decision trees, classification and association rules, doing regressions, and correlations. Users can get a 360 degree view of their business, explore billions of records in seconds and apply advanced and predictive analytics techniques all in a drag-and-drop experience, with no complex data modeling or coding required.

OpenText Information Hub

The OpenText™ Information Hub (iHub) feature of Analytics Suite is a scalable analytics and data visualization platform that enables IT leaders and their teams to design, deploy, and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports, and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. iHub supports high volumes of users, and its integration APIs enable embedded analytic content in any app, displayed on any device.

OpenText Magellan

OpenText Magellan is a flexible, artificial intelligence-powered analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade business intelligence, and ability to acquire, merge, manage and analyze structured and unstructured big data and content stored in your enterprise information management (EIM) systems. Magellan enables machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization.

OpenText Decisiv

OpenText Decisiv is an enterprise search engine that goes beyond keywords to search multiple repositories at once to find key documents, view projects, and identify internal subject-matter experts. Decisiv provides unified concept search across the enterprise.

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery provides 360-degree visibility across all endpoints, devices, and networks to enable discreet, forensically-sound data collection for litigation and investigations. EnCase eDiscovery is the industry gold standard for data collection and preservation.

OpenText Axcelerate

OpenText Axcelerate is a complete, award-winning platform for legal discovery and investigations with proprietary advanced analytics, world class services and support, and the industry’s best predictive coding. With Axcelerate, legal teams can identify and understand the facts that matter for litigation, compliance and governance.

OpenText ECM in the Cloud

OpenText offers a wide variety of adaptable ECM cloud-based options, from managed services (available for virtually all Content Suite products and solutions) to cloud packaged managed services solutions to SaaS based solutions. Flexible cloud models for public, private, or hybrid deployments enable your organization to manage, protect and, most importantly, effectively use information within the very same governance framework used by the most bulletproof on-premises systems.

OpenText Core

OpenText Core is a simple yet secure way for users to share and collaborate on enterprise content in the cloud.

OpenText Snap

OpenText Snap is a lightweight document capture application. Snap has enterprise-grade development, test, production, template, and configuration features.

OpenText Captiva

OpenText Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture Solutions transform paper from a liability into business advantage by converting your paper, faxes, and other content into application-ready information.

OpenText Documentum xCP

OpenText Documentum xCP is a flexible development platform for automating complex, information-intensive processes to drive better business decisions and get more consistent quality and faster cycle times.

OpenText eDOCS

OpenText™ eDOCS is a light-footprint, cost-effective and highly-flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution for legal, public sector and professional service organizations. eDOCS ensures sensitive work product is managed and secure throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations, enabling users to deliver exceptional enterprise content services to their clients.

eDOCS DM is the platform module for the eDOCS Suite and a key component of a wider Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software offering. eDOCS DM supports a wide range of companion solutions for enhanced e-mail management, records management, workflow, business process management, SharePoint integration, mobile access, enterprise search, and much more.

OpenText Brava! for Content Suite

OpenText Brava! for Content Suite allows you to securely view, annotate, and redact virtually any type of file.

OpenText Archive Center

OpenText Archive Center is a highly scalable, multi-tenant archive helping organizations manage the explosion of unstructured data (e.g., e-mail and files) while ensuring it is cost effectively and securely stored in the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid. End users access data from anywhere—online, offline or mobile—and it’s completely stub-free and transparent. Business administration features provides a broad set of archive and retention management capabilities along with system reporting, legal hold and export.

OpenText InfoArchive

OpenText InfoArchive is a compliant enterprise archiving platform for preserving both structured and unstructured data sources, irrespective of the archive method. InfoArchive allows data and content to be archived, managed in accordance with compliance policies and remain accessible to users.

  • Retire or decommission any application, recouping costs associated with software, maintenance and infrastructure.
  • Provide verifiable audit trails and set and enforce retention policies.
  • Encrypt and mask data selectively to secure privacy and satisfy regulations.
  • Enable controlled, compliant analytics.
OpenText Enterprise Information Archiving

OpenText™ Enterprise Information Archiving solutions deliver highly scalable, proven solutions for archiving and managing the enterprise information lifecycle for a broad range of structured and unstructured information, including e-mail, files, Microsoft SharePoint data, ERP data (e.g., SAP, Oracle), instant messaging, web and social content—all within one easily managed repository. Coupled with industry-leading records management and auto-classification software, OpenText Archiving solutions support rich capabilities to drive compliant retention and disposition policies. As such, organizations can deploy a defensible, long-term archiving strategy to comply with information governance requirements, meet legal obligations, and reduce the overall costs associated with archiving past-era content.

OpenText Hightail

OpenText Hightail streamlines the creative process by easily sharing multimedia content between internal and external teams, collecting precise feedback on visual assets, assigning to-dos, tracking progress, and routing approvals, all in one solution.

OpenText Extended ECM Platform

With OpenText Extended ECM Platform, content is transparently integrated with other leading applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, or any other enterprise software. With integrations, the content services platform bridges content silos and business processes to allow information to flow effortlessly across applications. Extended ECM Platform leverages an organization’s investment in its enterprise content management software and other applications.

OpenText Tempo Box

OpenText Tempo Box provides secure file sync and share for the enterprise.

OpenText Content Suite Platform

OpenText Content Suite Platform, the foundation for OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings, is a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) system designed to manage the flow of information from capture through archiving and disposition. Content Suite Platform ensures agile information governance to address an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape and the rapid growth of business information. The Content Suite Platform reduces risk while allowing organizations to focus on using information to drive strategic growth and innovation.

OpenText TeamSite

OpenText TeamSite is an enterprise web content management system developed by Interwoven. At present, it is owned, maintained, marketed by OpenText, a company that acquired it from Hewlett-Packard on May 1, 2016.

OpenText TeamSite provides a single, easy-to-use web content management (WCM) platform to help you create more personal, visually rich, two-way digital customer experiences – that are optimized for any device, digital channel, or context.

OpenText Web Content Management

OpenText web content management (WCM) solutions are open, flexible, and connected platforms to solve the next generation of digital experience challenges faced by marketers and business managers. OpenText WCM brings together content, process, and applications to create and deliver optimized and personalized multi-channel interactions across the full customer journey, from awareness to purchase to advocacy and recommendation.

OpenText MediaBin

OpenText MediaBin is a digital asset management solution, available on-premise and in the cloud, that helps even the largest organizations with globally distributed teams deliver a more engaging and consistent customer experience by effectively managing, distributing, and publishing thousands of customer-facing digital assets. MediaBin automatically extracts key concepts from audio, video, and image file content, analyzes and categorizes assets, removing the need for hours of reviewing and tagging images with automated meta-tagging and labeling. It recognizes sophisticated traits, such as color, to provide a highly detailed, time-encoded range of searchable data. This intelligence allows you to locate the right asset for your campaign without knowing exact keywords associated with the file, saving time and exposing a more accurate selection of files. Assets can also be viewed in context with other content within the extended enterprise, across social networks and web search.

OpenText Media Management

OpenText Media Management provides a "single source of truth" and consolidated asset repository for marketing, branding, commerce, video and global distribution. It’s an integral part of an ecosystem with interconnected and interdependent contributors and production environments (such as agencies, photo, video, audio, graphics, layout) provisioning digital media content for the multi-channel digital supply chain, digital operations, marketing and brand management.

OpenText Digital Asset Management

OpenText™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions serve as the centralized, secure and accessible repository - whether cloud-based or on-premises - to manage digital media, branding and video. OpenText's DAM solutions help people find, share and use digital media assets to deliver beautiful experiences. Scalable for the largest enterprises, their DAM solutions offer capabilities to manage the entire content lifecycle with workflows and features for creative production, collaboration, publishing and distribution of assets.

OpenText AppWorks Platform

The OpenText AppWorks Platform provides the foundation for digital businesses. With intelligently automated, content-rich, connected processes that you can quickly build and easily modify, AppWorks gives you the power to deliver a variety of new digital experiences with a much lower IT workload.

  • Gain the power and flexibility to digitize, automate and unify processes
  • Automate routine work or optimize knowledge-driven work for better control over your customers’ experience
  • Simplify interactions with structured and unstructured content residing in diverse business systems and content repositories
BPM in the Cloud with AppWorks

OpenText delivers BPM in the Cloud with AppWorks. AppWorks enables enterprises to take their business to the cloud; it helps service providers to differentiate their cloud services and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to build next generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

  • Uses a sophisticated workflow toolset with standard BPMN 2.0 process notation for building document-centric workflows allowing for both structured and ad hoc routing of documents for a variety of approval, review, and feedback processes.
  • Enables robust, multi-lingual metadata capabilities to address needs of global users.
  • Provides integrated reporting to retrieve information about content, permissions, attributes, users/groups, workflows, and many other content activities.
OpentText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software

OpenText enterprise content management (ECM) software products manage information flows across the organization—from capture through to archiving and disposition. OpenText's ECM software extends the reach of traditional ECM capabilities into previously isolated applications and information silos, such as ERP, CRM, SCM and HCM.

OpenText Documentum Platform

OpenText Documentum Platform offers an enterprise content management system with the essential capabilities to control all your information content. Documentum provides a robust, scalable, fault-tolerant, and extensible architecture to manage and control content.

OpenText Content Server

Content Server provides the core set of tools you need to capture, process and manage unstructured content across your organization including document management, workflow, search and information retrieval services, all tightly integrated into a platform that is easily customized and extended.