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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in 2013, Bynder develops and provides cloud-based brand management and marketing resource management (MRM) software solutions for users to send, manage, create, and edit marketing and branding materials.

Its product, include Digital asset management (DAM) platform that manages files, such as graphics, videos, and documents.

Areas of specialties are: Enterprise Cloud Computing, Marketing software, SaaS, Digital Asset Management, Brand Management, Workflow Management, MRM, Publishing on Demand, Marketing Resource Management, Brand Asset Management, Media Asset Management, and Branding Automation.

Product Overview

Bynder Enterprise DAM

Bynder Digital Asset Management (DAM) enterprise platform manages files, such as graphics, videos, and documents.

The enterprise platform features:

  • Automating the content lifecycle for brand ROI
    • Fit for the enterprise but built with end users in mind, this is a more automated and efficient flow of assets across the organization in one robust platform.
  • Digital asset management
    • The single source of truth that enables brand consistency by eliminating messy folders, siloed content, asset misuse, and distribution roadblocks.
  • Creative workflow
    • The creative collaboration tool aimed at breaking the bottleneck in workflow via intuitive versioning, annotations, and customized approval stages.
  • Brand templates
    • The smart template tool removes the dependence on professional designers, empowering every user to create on brand business cards, sales material, advertisements, and banners in no time.
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