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Santa Clara, CA

Bizagi was an early proponent of the trends that have moved process to the center of digital transformation.

With process modeling and low-code development tools available for free download, Bizagi’s value proposition aims squarely at enabling collaboration between business and IT. That said, Bizagi also possesses the native capabilities and partnerships needed to support business process automation across the enterprise — including business decision management and robotic process automation.

With this combination, it is well positioned to support both wide and deep process applications. Customer feedback was largely positive, particularly with respect to Bizagi’s competitive pricing.

Product Overview

Business Process Modeling Software (BPM)

The Business Process Modeling Notation-BPMN–provides a common language which allows all the parties involved to communicate processes clearly, completely and efficiently. In this way, BPMN defines the notation and semantics of a Business Process Diagram (BPD).

BPD is a diagram based on the ‘Flowchart’ technique, designed to present a graphical sequence of all the activities that take place during a process. It also includes all relative information for making an analysis.

BPD is a diagram designed for the use of process analysts who design, control and manage processes. In a BPD diagram there are a series of graphical elements that are grouped into categories.