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Redmond, Washington

While most traditional BPM vendors added low-code development to enable rapid application development and iteration, K2 was an early adopter and disrupter in the low-code BPM space.
It has been steadily addressing increasingly deep and complex process applications.

Coming from a low-code perspective, K2 places a focus on form development, mobile support, and object reusability — all focused on ensuring citizen developers will require minimum support from
professional developers. That said, K2’s product has demonstrated the ability to handle very complex, highly scaled applications.

Product Overview


The K2 Platform makes it possible to automate processes right across the enterprise. And this can be achieved both easily and securely. 

In this low-code environment, developers can build processes quickly with web-based, drag-and-drop tools. Due to the visual nature of these tools, other users across the business can also be involved in the app-building process. This is because they can design the apps, forms, workflows and other assets they need without writing endless lines of code. These business process management tools also allow users to make quick adjustments after the app is live — without burdening IT. 

The result is a BPM platform that allows the business units to work closely with IT. This way, BPM solutions make more sense to the people who will be using them day in and day out. Using K2's app templates (called SmartStarters), everyday users can roll out solutions for common processes in a few simple steps. And developers can focus on the more complex projects on the system.