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Luzern, Switzerland

AXON Ivy offers global coverage and the knowledge, technology and resources to help customers successfully drive change.

AXON Digital Business Platform’s core competency is process digitization and automation. This solution helps companies to run processes across various underlying systems more effectively and efficiently and to quickly realize new innovative processes. It is a great platform for complex or adaptive case handling. AXON has introduced innovative functionality aimed at the citizen developer, such as a low- and no-code wizard to build custom-made application adapters.

Product Overview

intelligent BPMS (iBPMS)

The Axon.ivy BPM Suite captures work processes and regularly gathers information from different systems to provide users with a unified experience of completing tasks and making decisions. The solution provides flexibility for users to modify systems as needed and make changes in the system. The solution is available with a one-time license fee.

The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform allows you to document business processes quickly and intuitively. A shared view on all the users, roles, departments and technical systems that are involved in a business process simplifies the task.

Build applications that lead users through processes without the need to hire a software engineer.

The Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform integrates well with countless 3rd party systems (e.g. REST, Web Services, Databases, SAP, Email, Reporting)