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Menlo Park, CA

ClearStory Data, an AI analytics solution company with capabilities across data prep via Data Inference, automated Intelligent Data Harmonization™, Instant Data Discovery, Auto-discovery of Business Insights in Collaborative StoryBoards™ via leveraging Apache Spark-based data processing .

The company specialties are in the areas of: Data intelligence, data visualization, data analysis, data harmonization, interactive dashboards, data discovery and diagnostics, real-time collaboration on data, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Product Overview

Interactive StoryBoards

Complex data requires surfacing every insight, beyond what a traditional report, BI dashboard, or BI visualization can do. ClearStory combines its AI-driven Data Inference, Data Blending and Harmonization, Data Catalog, and Data Discovery, to surface new insights to the business. It’s all point-and-click auto-discovery and self-service data catalog, as users explore their data in Interactive Storyboards.