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McLean, Virginia

Concept Searching has been a software developer since 2002. Concept Searching is the sole statistical metadata generation and classification software company that uses compound term processing to significantly improve access to unstructured information.

The core technologies automatically generate compound term metadata that consists of multi-word terms or concepts, then auto-classify the content to one or more taxonomies, and provide state-of-the-art taxonomy tools.

Product Overview


ConceptTaxonomyManager is the taxonomy development and maintenance component within the conceptClassifier platforms.

ConceptTaxonomyManager is proven to significantly reduce taxonomy development and ongoing maintenance. It has an intuitive, interactive user interface, designed for subject-matter experts, eliminating the need for the IT team to build, maintain, and validate taxonomies.

Industry standard formats and taxonomies, including OWL, MeSH, and organizationally-defined taxonomies can be imported. Platform-agnostic, real-time bidirectional population of SharePoint term sets is provided in the SharePoint environment.