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Software Product Company
Bellevue, WA

Founded in 2006, Nintex USA Inc. provides workflow automation software and platform for business users, developers, and IT professionals.

The company provides its solutions for automating various processes, such as human resources, operations, finance and administration, sales and marketing, and information technology.

Product Overview

Workflow Management and Automation

Nintex solutions are designed with the ‘citizen developer’ in mind. The no code platform helps individuals and teams bring their processes together and enable automated workflows to impact the entire organization.

The Nintex drag-and-drop interface allows line of business workers to design and execute their own workflows that can automate key tasks and connect with other important processes throughout the organization. A range of connectors make it easy to integrate Nintex workflows with other business applications; end users simply drag and drop a connector such as Salesforce, Box, DocuSign or  Slack, into the workflow designer.