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Stratford, Ontario

Founded in 2010, Powernoodle® is a cloud platform that helps Consultants and Enterprise drive Better Decisions through Stakeholder Intelligence™.

Areas of specialties are:

Decision Making, Stakeholder Engagement, Cloud-Based Software, Decision Quality, Consultants & Enterprise, Stakeholder Intelligence, Evaluations, Decision Facilitation, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Risk Management, Project & Portfolio Management, Regulatory & Compliance, Change & Transformation Management, IT Prioritization, and RFP Preparation, Selection, & Response

Product Overview

Powernoodle platform

Powernoodle is a cloud-based Decision Intelligence platform designed to help organizations make better quality decisions.

The Powernoodle platform was specifically built to address barriers and complexities organizations regularly face regarding quality decision making, such as:

  • Workload, location, and time zones

It also taps into more complex difficulties, that technology has not yet solved, such as:

  • Gender, culture, personality difference and thinking styles.