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Hilversum, Netherlands

Xillio is a specialist in content connectivity and provides solutions for automated content migrations, content integration and to orchestrate translation. Gartner designated Xillio a “Cool Vendor” in 2017.

Iknow has been a Xillio strategic partner since 2014.

Product Overview

Xillio Content Migration

Xillio offers out-of-the-box connectors to all major enterprise content management (ECM) platforms and can migrate content from any source system to any target.

The software contains more than 250 built-in migration functions. Some of the product’s key features include:

  • Out-of-the-box connectors to all leading enterprise content management (ECM) platforms.
  • Learn-by-example training sets are used to identify document types correctly.
  • Supports the assignment of the migration tasks to different roles within the organization.
Xillio Content Integration

The Xillio API is a middleware solution for content integration. The Xillio API platform enables developers to build integrations quickly between different content repositories. The API allows developers to create one single integration and connect to multiple repositories, without the need for repository specific code. Xillio uses a repository-agnostic code, meaning that if it works for one repository, it works for all repositories.

Xillio’s software improves developer productivity and minimizes migration errors.

Xillio Orchestrate Translation

Xillio provides a solution that integrates content management systems with language translation technology tools to allow streamlined workflow and increase automation. Based on the unified API, organizations can connect directly to cloud and on-premises ECM, WCM, BPM, DAM, and PIM applications to extract the content and send it to computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, translation management systems (TMS), and machine translation (MT) systems for language translation. Once translated, the files can be uploaded back to their native systems in the correct folder or repository.

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