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Software Product Company
Melbourne, Victoria

Yellowfin was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 by a group of business intelligence industry veterans.

The company released its first product, a ROLAP (Relational OLAP) browser-based web application for a SAAS software vendor in 2004. This resulted in an early specialization in providing both embedded reporting capabilities to software companies as well as support for the complexities of multi-tenancy hosted environments.

The product is based on an open server architecture and was developed in Java. The design provided the basis for subsequent releases to introduce additional levels of functionality.

Product Overview

Yellowfin Enterprise IT

Yellowfin Suite connects to all sources whether it's Big Data, Web APIs or a relational database. Yellowfin's Administration Console allows you to manage, view and search system-wide configurations, from data sources, meta-data layers, language settings and users, in one place.

Yellowfin is browser-based application with centralized architecture, metadata layer and dozens of data, content, role and functional security mechanisms.