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London, England

Zonza was created by Hogarth Worldwide as an Enterprise SaaS DAM, designed for use by ourselves to make our global business work, and for our clients.

Hogarth Worldwide is a marketing implementation agency for clients across all media and all languages. Hogarth's production expertise coupled with our powerful workflow and asset management technology delivers quality, control and savings for global brands.

ZONZA is designed to manage, share and distribute all global digital assets from a single platform that is easy to implement and scale.

Product Overview

ZONZA Enterprise DAM

ZONZA Enterprise Data Asset Managment can transcode the asset to almost any media format required, share the file to internal or external users, view and utilise supporting files associated with the asset and view a full activity log of the asset to ascertain exactly how and by whom the material has been used.

By toggling over an asset, users can quickly preview the content, whilst users can add the asset to a collection or mark it as a favourite at the touch of a button

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