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Poznań, Poland

Founded in 2005 by Dawid Weiss and Stanislaw Osiński, Carrot Search has been developing innovative text mining products and contributing to open source. A recent evaluation found overwhelming support for using Lingo3G, enabling users to make connections that they had not been able to predict in advance, broadening understanding and so leading them to important new places.

Not only are the clusters a great way to organize and visualize large sets of patents, but the theme extraction doubles as a keyword tool giving our customers yet another way to discover important search terms

Product Overview


Lingo3G was designed to perform real-time in-memory clustering of small and medium collections of documents, which roughly corresponds to about 5,000 documents, a few kilobytes each.

Out of the box, Workbench will let you apply Lingo3G clustering to web search results, PubMed and Solr search results, contents of a Lucene index and custom data in XML format.


On modern hardware with a high-core-count CPU and fast SSD storage, Lingo4G can generate document clustering and map visualizations for hundreds of millions of documents spanning gigabytes or a terabyte of text within minutes.

Lingo4G can arrange hundreds of thousands of documents into non-overlapping clusters and 2d maps to help plan, execute and refine research. It can extract the topics discussed in hundreds of thousands of documents, along with lexical relationships between them, within seconds.

Lingo4G can expos fine-grained parameters for adjusting the number of topics and clusters, editing stop lists to exclude unwanted topic labels and more.


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