Knowledge Capture

Institutional Memory

Institutional memory is an approach for developing the comprehensive “story” of an organization. The approach emphasizes the connections between significant events, decisions, milestones, projects, and other key actions and how they relate to, or support, broad strategic and organizational themes.

Business Value

Institutional memory programs can greatly enhance the engagement of staff by providing them with a stronger connection to the organization, its thinking, and its progress. Institutional memory programs also enhance organizational and cultural alignment over the long term.


Iknow’s deliverables include the strategy and executional support of all aspects of an institutional memory program. The deliverables can range from the development of the integrated story and associated content to the production of this content in a variety of multimedia formats.

Knowledge Capture and Representation

Knowledge capture is the process of gathering, collecting, and codifying an organization’s knowledge and know-how so that it can be stored, shared, reused, and leveraged. With the increasing importance of intellectual assets relative to physical and financial assets, most organizations have begun to actively focus on managing their knowledge capital.

Business Value

Knowledge capture and representation processes are often the highest value-added activities in a broad knowledge management program because core business process maps, critical business rules and decision logic, lessons learned, and other types of operational expertise held by a small number of internal experts tend to be the organization’s key knowledge assets.


Iknow provides recommendations on the optimal approaches for capturing different kinds of knowledge and on the best way to represent the knowledge for long-term preservation. We can also recommend technology solutions to facilitate knowledge capture and ensure that it’s accomplished as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Iknow can organize, facilitate, and lead knowledge capture and representation initiatives and deliver well-designed and complete knowledge bases.