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Aprimo is a category-leading marketing operations platform that frees CMOs and marketing teams to focus on smarter marketing by automating the Five Marketing Essentials: plan, spend, create, distribute, and perform. Aprimo’s comprehensive suite improves time-to-market and maximizes a company’s marketing investment to drive revenue.

Aprimo acquired ADAM Software, a leading global provider of enterprise-class Digital Asset Management (DAM) software solutions. ADAM will integrate directly into Aprimo’s platform, bringing customers a marketing operations solution capable of handling both the production and publication of content – a critical process for quickly bringing rich media to market and creating world-class customer experiences at scale. The acquisition was announced on March 6, 2017.

Product Overview

Aprimo Product Content Management

ADAM Product Content Management helps global organizations provide engaging, personalized and consistent product experiences. Enrich product data to showcase related product accessories, similar products or special product bundles across digital and offline channels. Product managers, creatives, brand managers and marketers can use automated workflows to accelerate product launches or extensions, and streamline content creation, review, translation and publication.

Aprimo Digital Asset Management

ADAM 5 (current version) was released in early 2013 with a focus on User Experience. Though DAM is still the core functionality, a number of components beyond what was available in the early days of version 4 are now offered, including product content management, video management, faceted search, and a collaboration component.

The key strengths of the ADAM platform include:

  • Global analyst recognition. ADAM has been acknowledged by the analysts, including Forrester, Gartner, and Real Story Group, as a leader in the world of DAM.
    • In the recently published Forrester Wave ™Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q4 2014, ADAM was cited as a Leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM).
    • ADAM is the sole supplier present in both the Forrester Wave for Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management.
    • ADAM was the top-ranked vendor in the Strategy category, and the report states that ADAM has a comprehensive, forward-thinking vision to use DAM as a backbone for digital experience delivery (including commerce) and enterprise marketing ecosystem.
  • Focus on DAM. ADAM is the single enterprise DAM supplier with a pure focus on DAM. The product is built from the ground up using ADAM’s digital asset management native competence and expertise.
  • Global heritage and footprint. ADAM is the major enterprise DAM supplier originating from Europe. When it comes to understanding the complexity of multiple regions, languages and cultures, ADAM has a clear advantage.
  • Comprehensive support across marketing operations. ADAM syncs brand management, product information and campaigns within a single platform that can work with agencies, subsidiaries and third parties. This simplifies marketing operations so FMC can excel at delivering a great customer experience.
  • Open architecture and scalability. This combination enables ADAM to rapidly respond to any new drivers in DAM such as the growth of social media and dependency of mobile devices. The ADAM platform is entirely file type agnostic – meaning it is flexible enough to handle any existing or future file type of any size - from simple JPEGs to 3D, video and any other format. ADAM's scalability and adaptability enables it to respond to any expansion into new devices and channels.
  • Intuitive user interface. Version 5 brought a significant UI enhancement, with a focus on simplicity that will drive adoption of ADAM 5 amongst potential users and facilitate work with great organizational features like Spaces.
  • Established partner business model. ADAM is the single enterprise DAM supplier with a clear business model to work exclusively with Certified Partners to offer ADAM Services. Services including as support, training and customization are offered by ADAM Partners such as Iknow.
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