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Los Gatos, CA

Founded in 1991, Lumina Decision Systems is the developer of the decision analytics software, Analytica®. Analytica® offers intelligent forecasting methods with stepwise regression to find the most informative predictors automatically. It integrates Monte Carlo simulation to treat risk and uncertainty. Scenario and sensitivity analysis help you find out what matters and why.

Lumina Decision Systems specialties are in the areas of: Risk and Decision Analysis Software, Energy and Environment Modeling, Capacity Planning Tools, Web Application Development, Training and Consulting, Optimization Software, and Monte Carlo Simulation

Product Overview

Analytica Optimizer

Analytica Optimizer is the highest edition level of Analytica. It includes all Enterprise features, plus the addition of powerful solver engines. It discovers decision values that minimize or maximize any quantified objective, subject to constraints. In cases where an objective quantity is not present, it finds feasible solutions within constraint boundaries. 

It handles Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, and general Non-Linear Programming, and automatically distinguishes among all of them. Decision variables can  be continuous, semi-continuous, discrete (Integer or Boolean), or mixed. 

Analytica Optimizer integrates optimization capability with all of Analytica's core features including: Monte Carlo simulation and Intelligent Arrays, simplifying model structure, and improving visual accessibility.