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Sydney, Australia

Objective creates information and process governance solutions that are effortless to use and enable organisations to confidently advance their own digital transformation.

Product Overview

Objective Redact

Objective Redact is redaction software for governance processes. Objective Redact will irreversibly remove sensitive information from any electronic document.

Objective Connect

Objective Connect provides a secure, private workspace so you can work with anyone outside of your organisation. With government-grade security, you can collaborate on documents, capture conversations, and control tasks with anyone.

Objective Inform

Objective Inform provides document management, records management, drawings management, and robust governance for all types of content.

Objective Keystone

Objective Keystone manages the way documents are created, updated, authorized, and published. Objective Keystone eliminates the risks, costs, and inefficiencies associated with the traditional authoring, review, engagement, and publication processes.

Objective Perform

Objective Perform streamlines content-driven business processes. Objective Perform contains an intuitive workflow designer application to design, alter, and manage processes with ease. It also contains dynamic case management.

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