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Software Product Company
Bedford, MA

Founded in 1981, Progress offers the leading platform for developing and deploying strategic business applications.

Progress offers powerful tools for easily building adaptive user experiences across any type of device or touchpoint, machine learning that enables cognitive capabilities to be a part of any application, the flexibility of a serverless cloud to deploy modern apps, business rules, web content management, plus leading data connectivity technology.

Specialties are: Platform-as-a-Service-(PaaS), Data Connectivity, Application Development & Deployment, Machine Learning, cognitive, and Predictive Analytics

Product Overview


Progress Sitefinity is a content management and marketing analytics platform designed to maximize the agility needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace. It provides developers and IT teams with the tools they need to support enterprise-level digital marketing, optimizing the customer journey by delivering seamless personalized experiences across different technologies and devices.

In May 2016, Progress announced the release of Progress DigitalFactory, a cloud-based solution to address enterprise needs for digital transformation. WCM plays a pivotal role in the advancement of digital business, and Progress Sitefinity is part of a multi-dimensional digital solution that enables organizations to deliver an omni-channel customer experience by integrating web and mobile.