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Bangor, Maine

Founded in 2003, Syncopation Software is a provider of business analytic tools for decision and risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, decision tree-based real option valuation, and portfolio management.

Product and services include: DPL Direct, DPL Professional, DPL Enterprise, DPL Portfolio, the DPMX System, Training, Consulting, and Custom Development.

Area of specialties are: Decision support software, decision analysis software, decision tree software, risk analysis software, portfolio management software, decision analysis training, and decision and strategy consulting.

Product Overview

DPL 9 Enterprise

DPL 9 Enterprise is flexible and extensible platform with features to develop custom decision support systems. DPL Enterprise supports database links so you can ensure quality and consistency across projects and an API to control DPL from other programs.

This version also supports advanced modeling features such as multiple objective functions and Excel.