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Los Altos, CA

Talend is a next generation leader in cloud and big data integration software that helps companies become data driven by making data more accessible, improving its quality and quickly moving data where it’s needed for real-time decision making. By simplifying big data through these steps, Talend’s open-source based solutions enable companies to act with insight using accurate, real-time information about their business, customers, and industry.

Talend’s integration solutions are used by over 1,500 enterprise customers worldwide, across a range of industries that include consumer products, healthcare, manufacturing, and credit card and financial services companies. Selected customers include Citibank, General Electric, Hilton, Aldo, OTTO Group, Virgin Mobile, Groupon, Travis Perkins, Deutsche Post, Newcastle University, and Allianz.

Product Overview

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Talend Data Integration is an open and scalable data integration and data quality solution for integrating, cleansing, and profiling all corporate data. The product features over 900 prebuilt components to connect various data sources.