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Cambridge, United Kingdom

TransparentChoice Ltd was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It provides an online decision making software as a service solution that helps teams and organizations to set clear and actionable priorities.

TransparentChoice is used to structure the decision into a project; collect meaningful input and build understanding and alignment; and analyze data, set actionable priorities, and make decisions.

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Product Overview

AHP Software

TransparentChoice's AHP software structures your decisions, enables collaboration and can be used to make various decisions.

  • Structured Decisions:

AHP allows you to structure your decision into a step-by-step process. This means that instead of working on vague decisions you work on a few well-defined tasks.

  • Enables Collaboration:

AHP by TransparentChoice lets you collaborate with geographically dispersed colleagues and assign tasks to people with specific expertise. This improves decision quality and buy-in.