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Waltham, MA

Founded in 1990, Rocket Software is headquartered in Waltham, MA, with 23 offices around the world, co-founded by Andy Youniss and Johann Magnusson-Gedda.

  • The addition of Rocket Aldon gives customers new access to Application Lifecycle Management tools, helping them improve software quality and simplify compliance reporting.
  • The addition of Rocket Data Virtualization makes it easier for customers to access and exploit mainframe data in realtime, helping companies proactively identify fraud, identify new revenue opportunities and deliver more personalized services to customers.
  • The addition of Rocket Mainstar products gives customers new systems optimization and data management solutions to help maximize the proven processing power of their mainframe infrastructure.
  • The addition of Servergraph to the Rocket portfolio gives customers an easy way to monitor different data protection environments, as well as simplify and automate reporting.
  • The addition of iCluster to the Rocket portfolio gives IBM® I (AS/400) customers new high-availability/disaster recovery solutions to help ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • The addition of Rocket CorVu gave customers access to business intelligence and analytics capabilities.
  • The addition of Arkivio business gave customers easier access to file system archiving capabilities.

Product Overview

Rocket Folio/NXT

Rocket® Folio, an application based platform, provides robust search, content management, and publishing from the desktop or delivered via CD/DVD/USB. Folio converts files into the Folio-Views format for use or editing.

Rocket NXT, a server-based search and publishing platform, provides an integrated solution for both structured and unstructured data―from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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